The great San Francisco Giant #44 passed yesterday. When I moved here from Cleveland I didnt know much about the Giants

since they were a National League team. So I started going their games and realized what a treasure they had in McCovey.

One of the greatest moments I’ve had as a sports fan was a double header against the Reds. It was WIlly McCoveys last game

and the manager didnt start him. We were sitting in the bleachers and couldnt believe he wasnt starting. Lo and behold in

the bottom of the ninth he pinch hits and rips a game winning double against the wall. The place went nuts. I’m screaming at

the top of my lungs. I look around and everyone in the Candlestick bleachers, thugs, tough guys, regular folks all seemed to

have tears in their eyes rooting for his last at bat! Spectacular! I have have a few opportunities to shoot him and he was always,

gracious, humble and smiling! I tip my hat to the great Willy McCovey who epitomized everything baseball should be!