Born out of his boyhood love of the Cleveland Browns and Indians, sports have been one of Pat’s lifelong passions.  Since he moved to the Bay Area in the 70’s, Pat Johnson Photography has captured some of the area’s most iconic personalities, including Barry Bonds, Willie McCovey, Buster Posey, Joe Montana and Run TMC.  Pat’s relationship with the San Francisco Giants has spanned over 40 years, and his work has been featured nationally as the cover of the 1992 Oakland A’s vs Toronto Blue Jays ALCS program.  He also served as the official team photographer of the Golden State Warriors from 1984-2001, covering one of the most exciting eras in team history.

“I was deeply influenced by the early British LP covers of the likes of the Beatles, Rolling Stones, the Kinks and the Yardbirds, they painted themselves in my psyche. I adored David Bailey and Richard Avedon. Those were my heroes.”

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