When Rap music first came on the scene Pat Johnson Photography was right there as a go-to San Francisco photographer. His reputation in working in the music industry led many to bring their performers to Pat’s studio on South Park in San Francisco. Developing a strong relationship was key to getting great photographs. These early days shooting rap and Hip Hop photography led to photograpiung artists  like Tupac, Snoop  Dogg, eminem and Notorious B.I.G.. Pat’s relationship with radio station’s KMEL and WYLD had him being the main photographer of the Summer Jams from the beginning in 1988, as well as in LA. His list of artists photographed is amazing.

“I was deeply influenced by the early British LP covers of the likes of the Beatles, Rolling Stones, the Kinks and the Yardbirds painted themselves in my psyche. I adored David Bailey and Richard Avedon. Those were my heroes.”

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