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"An eclectic range of Johnson's work!"  — San Francisco Chronicle  

A few of Pat's latest projects

•GIBSON-San Francisco

• Victoria Vitale Designs

•Martin Short-Opening Night"
Pat Johnson has specialized in capturing people in photographs for more than 30 years. In the course of his commercial career, Pat has shot the biggest names in the entertainment, sports and corporate worlds. His work has been featured on innumerable magazine covers, editorial pieces, corporate brochures, advertising layouts, and on more than 300 LP and CD covers. His gallery shows have received rave reviews, and several of his photos are on display at the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame. Step inside and enjoy. (Updated Weekly)
Greatest Hits
A quick tour of Pats prolific 25 year history.
25 years and counting. Shooting the biggest names music, live and in the stuido.
Pat is a sports fanatic. He's also got his own unique brand of memorabilia.
Comic masters from the bay area and beyond.
Actors, theater, images on stage.
Fashion, Headshots, Commercial and Exotic models.
A seasoned pro, Pat has shot over 2,000 corporate and entertainment events.
Portaits of industry titans since 1973.
Pat's studio is a full service studio, whether you're shooting a cereal box or Harley Hawg.