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I consider myself one of the luckiest guys on earth,î says Johnson. ìMost photographers want to be fashion photographers or rock photographers ñ but you tend to fall into weddings or whateverís available.î

The press notes refer to the show, and to Johnson himself as ìSan Franciscoís best kept secret.î Thatís not because he thinks he should be more famous than he is, but because the public hasnít seen many photos in the exhibit.

Johnson doesnít sell photos to people unless he was contracted by them to take the pictures. ìTo try and hustle bucks off something I was doing for someone else just isnít how I do it,î says Johnson.

Heís not one to kiss and tell, but he has many great stories about the acts heís photographed. Thereís one where Dennis Wilson turns into Charles Manson after smoking a joint, and another where Bowie talked to him about music biz travails at an industry dinner.

While touring around with The Jacksons in 1975 ñ Johnson calls Michael ìone of the nicest, most unpretentious guys Iíve ever metî ñ he found himself I a dilemma after taking a fantastic, but ethically questionable, shot.

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