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Focus on Rock
New exhibit celebrates the work of rock-nŪroll photographer Pat Johnson

By AaronTassano

In the 1966 filmÓBlow-upÓ by Michelangelo Antonioni, a flamboyant photographer lures two models to his studio for a session. He photographs them so provocatively, so passionately, the three inevitably end up on the floor, entangled in a maze where naked bodies and studio equipment become.

In contrast, thereŪs San Mateo resident, Pat Johnson, a guy with a camera from that fashion capital known as Cleveland.

Johnson, 47, moved to the Bay Area because it was a cool scene. In 1974, he took his camera to a Santana concert at Winterland and snapped Neil Schon, guitarist from a then-unknown band that opened the show, playing its first concert ever.

Johnson liked the photo. The guitarist for Santana liked it. JourneyŪs Schon really liked it.

Twenty five years later, the same blue-collar photographer is showing his work in an exhibit that opened Friday at ArtRock Gallery n San Francisco. The show features nearly 100 portraits of subjects including David Bowie, James Brown, The rolling Stones, Tupac Shakur and Grace Slick.

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