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ìWe go to Haight Street and it just so happens thereís thousands of fans out there. There were so many people pushing, a bunch of kids fell through a plate glass window,î says Johnson.

The window just exploded and thereís blood everywhere, kids crying. I took 10 pictures and I could have turned around ad sold them to People magazine of the Chronicle and made a lot of money. You know, ëJacksons cause riotí sort of thing,î he says, imitating a headline.

ìBut I didnít. I just put them in my file and forgot about them.î

Johnson describes his studio not so much as a workplace, but as its own entity with its own personality, which plays as much a role in his work as he does.

People visiting the studio often are surprised to find pinball machines, hand puppets and memorabilia rather than film equipment, carpeted risers and toxic smells.

ìItís my version of ëPee-Weeís Playhouse.í Itís fun and relaxed sort of like a rec room. They relax and we have run,î says Johnson. ìTheyíre supposed to catch the love I have for what Iím doing and they usually do.î

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