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Winterland, New Years Eve,1974

This shot is what turned me into a Music photographer. I was shooting Santana as the guest of the late bass player of Santana, Doug Roche, and was prepared to shoot a bunch of Santana for him as a thank you. A new act was opening for Sapo, Malo, and Santana. This was Journey's first show, opening for Sapo, yikes. My friend Rick Wright reminded me that Neal Schon was Santana's young, hot guitar player now out on his own with Greg Rollie, so I took a few shots and got this baby. Doug then dragged me to their office to meet Herbie Herbert, their manager. Herbie saw this shot and flipped. He then hired me to shoot for them and we became friends for life, starting my path as a Rock Dog

Thanks Herbie!

Thanks Neal!