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Civic Auditoreum, SF, 2003

I have always wanted to to do a studio shot of Iggy to capture the essence that is Iggy. I was hired to shoot his show and got the close up. This image caught everything I wanted. The coolest part is I am in he pit shooting, and right next to me is my 19 year old son,Casey, shooting away.

The famous shot of Iggy and the Stooges where Iggy is on the shoulders of the crowd giving the finger in1970. He was on my friend Brian McDonald's shoulder while Frank Zibert and me grabbed his legs. They blew our minds. Three Cleveland kids just graduated from high School drove down to Cincinnati to see Traffic. We squirrel our way up from, (tripping), and next thing we know is The Stooges droning and bad vibing everybody. The Ashton's with their sunglasses pulled to glare over the top, Iggy diving into the crowd, taunting everyone. WOW!

I have been an Iggy fan ever since. I saw him at the Goose Lake Rock Festival almost start a riot, people throwing bottles at him til they cut the power, pick fights with drunken army guys at the Agora, get a hummer at Bimbo's onstage with the Raw Power Stooges in 1974 in front of about 30 people. This all happened in the groovy, early 70's. A roller coaster ride. FUN HOUSE is My favorite Iggy album.

Maybe, I still will get him in my studio!

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