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The coolest Beach Boy!
This shot was taken in the late 70's promoting his solo album on Epic Records. This was a one of the most bizarre sessions. We were driving to San Jose and he was a nice trippy SoCal guy. He proceeds to pull out a fat joint and offered us some.We declined so he smoked it himself. Within minutes his whole personality changed, from a fun happy guy to this brooding, withdrawn almost evil, strange character. WOW!

Check out the picture closer, squint and you will see hints of Charles Manson, his buddy. My last Gallery exhibit in Napa, CA, I was asked to take it down as it was too disturbing!

These shots of members of the legendary Beach Boys were shot at different times over the years. I shot Dennis, in the mid-70's, Brian was photographed in the early 90's. Mike Love was in San Francisco for the Gavin in 1992.