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San Francisco, CA 1975

Michael Jackson! Truly a character! This shot was taken during a three day promotion tour promoting "The Jackson 5" LP. MIchael was one of the nicest people I have ever worked with. Every morning thr first thing he would ask, was what I did last night. I would say " I played softball". Then he would want a replay of the game, how I did, etc. I was surprised that he cared.

These three days working with them showed me how hard a life MIchael has. There was an autograph signing at Jax Records on Haight St. There were thousands of young kids waiting to see MIchael and the boys. At one point the crowding was so intense, everyone slowly edging forward that the people in front were pushed through the huge plate glass windows. I am standing at the window taking pictures and the next thing I know is the windows start bowing and crash! all these kids come flying through the window. It was horrible, kids all over the place in pools of blood. I have in my hand pictures that would have made front page of the Bay Area papers, stories everywhere, but I couldn't do it to Michael and Epic. so I put the film in pocket and never released them. I lost some money and some notoriety, but I kept my integrity. I wanted to protect the Jacksons and Epic .

The sadness on Michaels face afterwards showed me that he has a terrible existance. Never normal, a superstar since he was five years old. I felt sorry for him. WeWill miss you Michael!