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Elvin Bishop is one of the truly historical guitar players. He played with the original Paul Butterfield Blues band, one of the coolest early 60's Chicago blues bands. If anyone remembers "the Resurrection of Pigboy Crabshaw" he was the Pigboy. One of my favorite Elvin pictures was taken by my late friend Randy Bachman. Elvin is squatting in a chicken coop holding up a chicken. Randy and I split the shoot, he doing the outside and I did the studio shots (not shown). He outdid me that day. Great shot Randy, wherever you are. My first album pictures were on Juke Joint Jump. Elvin is a very wonderful player and I am proud to have worked with him over the years.
The shot on the right was taken in 1988 for the Big Fun LP. The live shot was from The Juke , Joint Jump sessions in 1975. The last two shots were taken in 2004 for his newest CD cover.

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