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ìI think itís a strength of mine,î he says, laughing. ìThat Cleveland Browns, dog-pound, boogie-till-you-puke, donít-mess-with-me attitude, combined with San Franciscoís groovy, mellow, artist-friendly community. Combine those elements and thatís kind of me.î

ìWithin minutes I fid out whatís in their heart ad soul. Thereís instant rapport, and then you take that and work with it for whatever time youíve got. Thatís what I truly hope these photographs say.î

Johnsonís warm manner has given him access to an abundance of strange scenarios ñ James Brown with the pope, Elton John with a gang of little people, exploding storefront windows with the young Jackson 5. Yet he never confuses the relationships heís developed with stars as friendships

ìI wonít be on the phone inviting, say, Mike Fleetwood,î he says. ìI may have shot these people a bunch of times, but I still donít really know them.î

Although Johnson has taken pictures of rock stars great and small, thereís one who continues to elude him

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